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The benefits of pregnancy massage:

Recent medical journals have published positive results from massage therapy during pregnancy.

  • Reduced anxiety and improved mood
  • Better sleep
  • Less back pain
  • Reduced norepinephrine levels (stress hormones)
  • Fewer complications in labour

In addition, one of the most exciting findings shows that women massaged during pregnancy had babies with fewer post-natal complications and a lower rate of prematurity.

  • Relief from muscle cramps, spasms, and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs.
  • Increase in blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling.
  • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.
  • Improves outcome of labour and eases labour pain.
  • Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissues, reducing the appearance of stretchmarks
  • Provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering.

Book your massage today with our pregnancy massage therapist.

  •     Full body maternity massage €60
  • Yummy Mummy Back & Tummy massage €35
  • Tummy masque to help prevent stretch marks €20
  • Lymphatic drainage massage to legs & feet, helps with swollen ankles €30
  • The Smoothie, A gentle and effective all over exfoliation of your skin to stimulate cell regeneration – increasing skin strength and elasticity. Followed by a relaxing massage… All that and you get gorgeous glowing skin – €90
  • Free your mind, A cooling eye compress combined with a gentle face and head massage will release cranial and jaw tension followed by a deep neck and shoulder massage – €45
  • Mother to be packages available in salon