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Nail Painting Tips
When you leave the salon your nails will be touch dry, but will not be completely dry for several hours! So when you leave avoid …

• Putting your hands in your pockets or hand bag (good idea to have payment ready before paint!)
• Going Shopping
• Packing for a holiday
• Washing up or bathing in a bath (as this will make the paint peel from your nails)

Waxing Tips

Up to 24 hours after waxing treatments avoid …
• Exposure to sun
• Swimming
• Saunas / Steam Rooms
• Excessive exercise
• Deodorant (underarms)
• False Tan
• Tight Fitting Clothing Do …
• Exfoliate bikini and leg areas between waxing (this will help prevent ingrown hairs)
• Apply soothing creams / lotions to areas waxed.

Please give 24 hours notice for all cancellations